Why should you rent through BBR?

Because we're the best!


It is stressful looking for a property to move into and what could be worse than having an inefficient agent to rent through?

At Better Buildings Realty we do our best to ensure that our tenants have a great rental history and keep it that way. If you have questions or are unsure about real estate jargon we are happy to educate you.


Here are some of the things we offer to tenants renting through BBRE:



Regular and frequent open house inspections every Saturday and private inspections during the week, we’re completely flexible!


Pristine rental history

If you follow our office policies, we guarantee you will have a pristine rental history and ledger. We like to keep all our tenants 1 week in advance at all times, which means if you have a tough week, you have enough time to recover yourself without falling behind!


Condition reports & Inspections

During the entry of a lease we offer an in depth condition report which includes pictures, once you return your filled out condition report, we provide you with a hard copy and also have it available for you on the tenant portal for online access.

Our routine inspections are regular, first at 13 weeks then every 26 weeks thereafter. We give you at least a week notice. We also give you a full page guideline on what we will be inspecting when we visit.


Spare Keys

It happens to everyone, people lose their keys all the time! We keep a spare set in the office that you can borrow to get back into your property if you’ve had one of those days and locked yourself out. This definitely beats paying a locksmith to break yourself in, we got your back.


Repairs & Maintenance

Our company policy is that all correspondence for maintenance, requests or direct debit adjustments are via email. This ensures a transcript for both parties, if needed, to look back on at a later date.

If you have a repair request we must consult the owner before going ahead with the job, we organize a tradesman to inspect the repair for a quote and if the owner approves, we will arrange a time to fix the job.


Answers to all your questions

When signing your lease with us, we like to take the time to explain everything that you are signing up for and can answer all your questions. It might take half an hour, but we are happy to educate you so that you know the facts, after all it is your contract you are signing and your rental history which needs to remain clean.


Vacating procedures

If you are thinking about vacating a property, we let you know what date is the minimum to give notice and how much rent you will owe until that date. We also provide you with a vacating guideline on getting the property ready for the bond inspection.


If you are already a tenant with us, feel free to review our service, your feedback helps us become better agents.

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Why should you rent through BBR?