DIY Easter Craft Ideas

DIY Easter Craft for fun... less chocolate!

Easter doesn’t have to be about excessive chocolate and over indulgence.  We have collated a few simple DIY Easter craft ideas for everyone to enjoy this Easter!

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Easter Bunny & Chick Finger Print Card

Check out these adorable Easter bunnies and chicks that you can make using your fingerprint! It’s a fun little craft for you and your kids to do, and you can make some seriously precious Easter cards or decorations using your art.  Full tutorial here 


DIY Easter Craft

DIY Easter Craft – Easter Bunny & Chick Finger Print Card

Materials Needed

Stamp Ink pads in desired colours

(I used pink and yellow)

Paper or card stock

Marker or pen for details

Fingers and Thumbs

(You may also want to have some wipes handy!)


Eraser-Stamped Easter Bunny Shirt

These are just too cute and easy and the kids will love helping designing these t-shirts and it doesn’t matter if you get nice and messy!  Full tutorial here


DIY Easter Craft

DIY Easter Craft- Eraser-Stamped Easter Bunny Shirt


Materials Needed

bunny pattern
white shirt
Freezer Paper (I got mine at the grocery store)
fabric paint – pink and green
pencil with an unused eraser
x-acto knife (optional)



Bunny Fold for Napkins

This ones more for the homemaker who wants to impress at Easter dinner and you are almost guaranteed to have a set of napkins around the house to use. Full tutorial here 


DIY Easter Craft

DIY Easter Craft – Bunny Fold for Napkins

 Materials Needed

Napkins… yep that’s it!



Eggshell Votives

There’s nothing like a bit of mood lighting to show of your bunny fold napkins!!  Full Tutorial here 


DIY Easter Craft

DIY Easter Craft – Eggshell Votives


Materials Needed

Sewing pin or needle


Vinegar (optional)

Food coloring

Egg carton

Double boiler or two pots

Beeswax, paraffin brick, or old candles

Wax colorant, such as dye pellets

Wire-core wicks



Silhouette Easter Eggs

This is one of my favourites, giving Easter eggs a vintage look.  Full tutorial here 


DIY Easter Craft

DIY Easter Craft – Silhouette Easter Eggs


Materials Needed

Black tissue paper

Copy paper

Easter craft punch

Matte Mod Podge




Papier-Mache Easter Eggs

This one’s for the kids to help and so easy to make a colourful Easter! Full tutorial here 


DIY Easter Craft

DIY Easter Craft – Papier-Mache Easter Eggs


Materials Needed

Water balloons (they make the egg-iest shape)

White tissue paper (one sheet will make about three eggs)

Colourful tissue paper (one sheet will make many eggs, so you don’t need much)

3/4 inch hole punch

Paint brush you don’t care much about

Liquid laundry starch

Sturdy shot glass to hold your egg while you’re working with it

A way to hang the balloons to dry

Enough time to let these dry overnight, and a few hours to let them dry after filling and sealing them (you’ve been warned)


Bunny Bows

Who doesn’t love an Easter bunny hair accessory?  Perfect for pinning hair from little faces so they can enjoy their Easter finds!! Full tutorial here 


DIY Easter Craft

DIY Easter Craft – Bunny Bows


Materials Needed

Ribbon – 2 colours of your choice

Glue Gun

Hair Clip

Googly eyes

Mini pompom



We’d love to here of any of your DIY tips for making Easter that extra bit special!

Happy Easter 🙂

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