Anthony Nesci

Senior Asset Manager

A little about me

Anthony has over 12 years’ experience in the Property Management industry. Whilst working as a property manager, Anthony has also worked in sales and it is this combined experience that has enabled him to understand all sides of an investment, right from the initial purchase, to maximising the potential return during the life of your investment. Most importantly, it is the understanding and guidance given to an investor that ensures that they maximise the final outcome from an investment, upon sale.

Anthony believes that the property management industry has seen many changes over the past several years and no longer is an agent seen as someone who collects your rent, or has a leaking tap fixed. An efficient and dedicated property manager is someone that is committed to ensuring that you achieve the best possible return from your investment. It is this dedication and full understanding of what an investment means that separates those from who see themselves as a standard property manager, to the commitment, experience and passion that Anthony brings on board, as a Senior Asset Manager.

Anthony is not only committed to guiding his clients with their investments, but is also dedicated to mentoring the Property Management team to help develop their skills and ensure that you receive the same 5 star service from all of the team at Better Buildings Realty.


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